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At Domaine 64, we are passionate about making wine. Our love for this art has driven us to perfect our craft, and we are proud to produce premium quality wines that express the unique character of our vineyards.

Join us on a journey through our vineyards, where you will learn about our winemaking process and taste the fruits of our labor. We are confident that you will love what we do, and we look forward to sharing our passion with you.

Tunn Goedert

“It has always been an idea of mine to produce my own wine. With the creation of the SOLAWI in 2021 and the support of our members, we have succeeded.”

Michaela May
Marketing & Sales
“Young, innovative and socially committed. We stand for sustainably produced bio-wines that are enjoyable to drink.”
Vineyard helpers & friends

“Always there when you need them”


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