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My vineyard. My wine.

This is the leading principle for the creation of Domaine 64

Domaine 64 was founded in 2021 with the goal of producing wine. As a young and socially conscious company, it operates as a solidarity agriculture and focuses on organic farming. The 2-hectare vineyard located in Schengen, Moselle, produces sustainable and delicious organic wines.


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Sustainable and social biological viticulture

Domaine 64 was formed in 2021 as a solidarity agriculture, where one part of our vineyards were divided into 64 shares arranged like a chessboard. Members can pick their square and participate in the eco-friendly viticulture project.


“Social and sustainable viticulture” is the slogan of this solidarity agriculture, realized with the aid organization CARITAS Luxembourg.

We love what we do and we love to share our passion


Domaine 64 stands for sustainable and social viticulture. The ecological management of our vineyards is our passion, which is reflected in the taste of our wines.


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